Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What Is A Key West Conch?

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When people speak of the Key West Conch, they may be referring to the large sea snail that lives in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico surrounding the Florida Keys. But most often the term refers to Key West natives—the first settlers and the long-time residents of Key West.

Americans loyal to the British crown after the war, Tories, were not very popular, so they fled the southern states to the next British colony, the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the British Parliament started taxing the Bahamians on their food just like they taxed Bostonians on their tea. The Bahamians said they'd rather eat conch than pay taxes and that is just what they did. They came up with 27 different ways to eat this animal.

Throughout the years, many came to know and use the term Conch to describe the locals and those who made the island their home were proud to be nicknamed Key West Conchs.

A great way to see the island of Key West, the Conch Tour Train celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year and will be a fantastic way for festival-goers to get an overview of this tropical paradise!

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