Sunday, June 28, 2009

Getting To Key West

Registrations are rolling in and many of you are booking your hotels through our accommodations coordinator. What's left is to plan your excursion to Key West.

If you're planning on driving down, it's best to take the Florida Turnpike as soon as possible; you'll make better time that way. The turnpike will take you down to Florida City where you'll hop on U.S. 1 for the exciting trip across the Overseas Highway. From Orlando area to Key West is about six hours - but the final two hours through the keys is some of the most beautiful and eye-popping sight-seeing you'll ever experience.

Another alternative is to fly, either directly into Key West Airport (EYW) or into Miami (MIA) or Ft. Myers (RSW) where you can catch a ferry to the island. Check the links in our "how to get there" section.

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