Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Instructor/Performer Profile: Rick Thum

Rick's interest in traditional music was sparked when he bought a hammered dulcimer on a whim and found himself in a three-piece folk band. He has shared the stage with Mike Seeger, The Tony Rice Unit, Steve Kaufman, Norman Blake, and Bryan Bowers and opened for John Hartford, Norman & Nancy Blake, and Leo Kottke.

Rick is a popular teacher on the festival curcuit and travels across the country playing solo and teaching at music festivals. He is also a builder of hammered dulcimers and credits his years in a rock band with his energetic rhythmic style. (RThum.com)


Cayo Dave said...

Just came across your Dulcimer Fest blog. Sounds like a great event. To further get the word out, submit it to this Key West calendar of events.

Bing said...

Thanks, Dave! I'll most certainly do that!