Thursday, December 31, 2009

Key West Venues and Lodging: A Bird's-Eye View

For those of you attending the 1st Annual Key West Dulcimer Fest who want to get a lay of the land, we've got just the thing: Google Earth.

If you don't have this wonderful program, download it for free using the above link. Once it's installed, or if you've already got it on your computer, open Google Earth and use the links below to be whisked magically to the corresponding locations!

1. Click on the place name.

2. A pop-up menu will ask if you want to save the .kmz file or open it with a program. It should already have selected "Google Earth." If not, be sure to select "Google Earth" from the dialogue box.

3. Click "Ok" and Google Earth will take you right to the location!

4. Once there - explore the surrounding area. Where you see icons of cameras, you can click on them for a street level view.

The American Legion

Key West Golf Club

As you can see, the American Legion is right next door to the golf course! The American Legion will be host to registration, workshops, Master's Classes, vending, meals and our Friday and Saturday night concerts.

Hurricane Hole Marina

The Hurricane Hole will be host to workshops, Master's Classes, meals and watersports.

Days Inn Key West

Those staying at the Days Inn can see just how close the accommodations are to both Hurricane Hole and the American Legion by zooming out.

Holiday Inn Key West

The Holiday Inn is practically next door to the Days Inn and across the street from the Marriott Beachside Key West! Good to know if you've got friends and family staying at one of the other close resorts.

Marriott Beachside Key West

Though it would appear from this picture that this resort is just starting construction, nothing could be farther from the truth! By clicking on the street level view (camera icons), you can see the exterior in a more recently updated map.

If you're familiar with Google Earth, you know that you can map out directions from point to point and print out the results. If you're just getting to know Google Earth, it's loaded with tutorials that will help you make the most out of this fantastic application.

We'll have more Google Earth places from the Key West Dulcimer Fest; points of interest, location of our Sunday sunset cruise and much more to come!

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