Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting Started With Twitter

Need Twitter help? We'll be using Twitter during the Key West Dulcimer Festival to connect with guests and inform them of lots of stuff. From schedule-changes and announcements, shuttle service and special offers to jam times and places, special activities and other elements of the festival, Twitter will be one way that folks can stay updated with the latest information.

This website wiki
features information on Twitter apps for mobile phones. If your phone can receive e-mail, then you can utilize Twitter and be part of the network in Key West.

Remember, once you sign up for Twitter, you'll need to start "following" us. When you're signed in (this is easiest to do from home, on your computer), just go here and then click on the "follow" button. It's as easy as that! Then, whenever you want to reach anyone from the festival, you precede your message with @KeyWestDulcimer and then type whatever you'd like to say!

Messages go out instantaneously and will be received via phone. Some apps are more customized than others, so your messages could show up as a text - or in a window as part of an application. Either way, if we suddenly find out that a jam is taking place at the Days Inn in ten minutes - you'll get a "tweet" letting you know so you don't miss a thing! If there has been a schedule change of any sort, you'll get the information without having to visit the information booth.

So, give it a try - we think you'll find it easy to use and very, very beneficial when it comes to sharing information!

If you have any questions, just "tweet!"

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