Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wine, Please!

We've added another co-sponsor; The Key West Winery!

Our wines are non-traditional because we do not use any grapes to produce them. Instead, the winemaker has produced a line of wines that use fruits, berries and citrus. The remarkable result has been an assortment of wines that are full-bodied, very flavorful, with surprising bouquets.

Our wines are the real thing! Our citrus, berry and fruit wines are made from the finest, freshest, hand-selected fruit, squeezed and fermented at our parent winery in St. Petersburg, Florida. We have wines for all occasions, with a large selection to choose from.

The Key West Winery is located at 103 Simonton Street near the waterfront. Look for their rack cards at our information booth, American Legion!

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