Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Florida City: Pack Up At Jack's

Today and tomorrow are big travel days for those of you driving down to Key West and hopefully, you'll be able to access the internet via phone while you do (or rather, your passenger should - you should focus on driving, of course.) For me and Jae, the Florida Turnpike is rather uninspiring (and those landfills can be nauseating), but we perk up as the countdown to exits rolls through 13, then 5 then finally, exit 0 (South Dixie Highway - U.S. 1.)

Once off of the Turnpike, you'll veer right and begin traveling on U.S. 1. Be warned that this is your last chance for about 40 minutes to make a restroom break, grab something to eat and drink or gas up and stretch your legs. Our traditional stop is at Jack's Bait & Tackle, which sounds like a lot less than it actually is. Yes, it's a bait and tackle shop. But there's also food, beverages, restrooms, t-shirts, hats, sundries and, oh yes, boiled peanuts. The cracking of shells and sucking of juices usually carries us all the way into Key Largo. If you've never had boiled peanuts - give 'em a try!

There is a Racetrac next door where you can gas up and shop a little more, if you like, but we like to support the mom and pop establishments that we run across in our travels and hopefully, you'll find Jack's as charming as we do.

35410 S Dixie Hwy (Overseas Highway)
Florida City 33034

Jack's Bait & Tackle.kmz (Google Earth)

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